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Rowa Ra CEO, Chief Editor and Product Developer

Rowa created Drixters Animations because she understands kids at the earliest age have the capacity to learn. She understands that capturing kids’ attention is not the only factor in learning. In fact, it may be easy to capture kids’ attention, but keeping kids engaged is the key.

Rowa and her team have developed ways to keep kids engaged in learning by creating new and exciting characters designed to interact with kids while they learn and have fun, learning the alphabet, learning new words, learning to read, and singing nursery rhymes. Kids can watch original and funny animated sitcoms designed for kids and kids at heart.

Being a part of children’s educational development has always been near and dear to Rowa’s heart. This is why she created Drixters Animations. She wants to help kids be the best kids they can be. She creates characters that inspire kids to believe they can achieve.

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