The people in Alphabet City love the alphabet. The name of each item is written on everything. They take great pride in their ability to speak words easily and clearly as they walk by items. If a letter is missing from an item, people cannot speak clearly and easily when they pronounce the words. A superhero, cape crusader named Super Dooper Alphabet Kid is the protector of “Alphabet City”. He has a unique and fun way to help kids learn.

All is well in the City until two mischief-making bandits go around and steal the first letter from each item, wreaking havoc on the spelling-minded people in Alphabet City and causing chaos. As long as the first letter on any item is missing, the people of Alphabet City are forced to mispronounce their words. Super Dooper Alphabet Kid is the only one who can end the chaos in Alphabet City by capturing the Alphabet Bandits and returning the letters to the items.

Super Dooper Alphabet Kid Alphabet Book

I’m Super Dooper Alphabet Kid. I’m as young as my readers, and I’ve mastered the alphabet. My mission is to help kids become Super Dooper Alphabet Kids, just like me. Letters are placed on the item they represent. You’ll find a “C” on a “Chair” and on a “Comb”. You’ll find an “A” on the "airplane." This will help kids identify the letter with the item it represents.

And here’s something exciting: once the book is finished, your kid will receive a certificate from me, Super Dooper Alphabet Kid, certifying your kid as an official “Super Dooper Alphabet Kid”. So take the first step to your kid becoming a Super Dooper Alphabet Kid by subscribing to Drixters Animations.


In a small town lived a dog called Peter Packer. Peter Packer was an amazing dog who loved to take baths and play in water. Peter Packer loved the water, and the water loved Peter Packer. Then one day, he felt lazy and didn’t want to take baths or play in water anymore. Because of this, Peter Packer turned into Stinky Stooby, and water began to run from him. Stinky Stooby became very sad. He wanted water to stop running from him. One day, a drop of water saw how sad Peter Packer was, and the drop of water helped Stinky Stooby become Peter Packer again with the help of a water hose. Peter Packer’s friends knew one day he would love water again, and water would love Peter Packer again. They knew he would become Peter Packer again.

Ant That Much Difference Between Us

In a city called Antville City, ants of different colors from around the world travel to Antville City to live, because they have heard ants in Antville City have learned “Ant That Much Difference Between Us.” And they have learned, they have many things in common with ants that are different colors.


I’m Brainie (a fish), and I’m Many Mut (a chicken). We host a food show created for kids called “Kids’ Kitchen Corner". We are animated characters who teach kids how to make simple snacks for themselves and how they can help in the kitchen. While showing kids how to prepare simple foods, we make it fun for kids to learn what vitamins and minerals are in the foods they prepare for the day and how they help the body.

BUCK-A-ROO Where Will I End Up Next?

What if money could talk? Now it does. What funny things would we hear and see when we experienced the life of a walking-talking dollar bill? I’m Buck-A-Roo. I’m an animated one-dollar bill who will take kids and viewers along with me as I travel from person to person, city to city, and around the world, where you will see and hear the funny things people do and say. The catch is that kids are the only ones who can hear me talk and see me walk. The intriguing thing is, ‘You’ll never know where I’ll end up next.”

The life of a dollar bill is amazing. A dollar bill travels everywhere and back again. It leaves the country and returns as it passes from hand to hand. We’ve always said “money talks." Now it does with me, Buck-A-Roo, a walking-talking dollar bill.